Monday, October 10, 2011

Netflix Takes My Advice

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
"Oops, my bad! Jeff,
The Beloved Leader
was right, as usual."

I'm so glad to see that Netflix took my advice and withdrew the Einsteinian plan to spin off their DVD mail program (Qwikster). However, they still managed to keep following the Piss Off Your Customers Rule by letting stand the 100% fee increase on their customers. Way to go Netflix! Very subtle way to slip in the gouge. That's the way to keep customers: Don't improve service but charge everybody twice as much for it.

Since it evidently doesn't take anybody with great intelligence to run a multi-billion dollar company. I've gone onto the Netflix corporate site and applied for the job of CEO under "Jobs at Netflix". I think I'm more than qualified. I should be a shoe-in since the board is obviously going to be looking for another CEO soon. I hear they're whip smart. Or maybe it was just "whipped." I don't have the facts to back this up.

I also applied to for the job as CEO of Bank of America quite some time ago. But for some reason I haven't heard back from them. Dicks.

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